Single-Word Analogy

Single-Word Analogy

DIRECTIONS: Choose the letter that corresponds to the word that correctly completes each analogy.


                  1. Star: galaxy :: peeble :

                   a. stone
                   b. rock
                   c. beach
                   d. sand


1. Moby Dick : Herman Melville :: The Old Man and the Sea :

   a. Charles Dickens
   b. Ernest hemingway
   c. Charles Perrault
   d. Robert Frost

2. Confucius : China :: Mahatma Gandhi :

   a. India
   b. Japan
   c. Africa
   d. Philippines

3. BIR : Taxes :: DPWH :

   a. Public Roads
   b. Houses
   c. Traffic
   d. Churches

4. Barangay : Captain :: Provincial Government :

   a. Congressman
   b. Mayor
   c. Senator
   d. Governor

5. USA : Washington D.C. :: Philippines :

   a. Quezon City
   b. San Juan
   c. Manila
   d. Cebu

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